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Community Energy Club is an oil buying club bringing together the collective buying power of domestic, community and business heating oil users across the South West.

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I need a baby tanker to deliver to my house. Can I still order?

A limited number of local suppliers operate ‘baby’ and ‘midi’ tankers in order to deliver heating oil to customers with issues accessing their oil tank.  These vehicles service a smaller number of customers on each refill and often need to travel further between deliveries than the larger tankers, therefore it is common for a surcharge of up to 2 pence per litre to be applied by suppliers to cover the higher costs of servicing customers requiring deliveries from ‘baby’ and ‘midi’ tankers.

Details of surcharges are provided on our confirmation of supplier and price emails and the latest order page of our website.

Here are some images to help you identify whether you need a baby or midi tanker to deliver to your property:


Baby Oil tanker - 7.5 tonnes - difficult access

‘Baby’ Tanker

7.5 tonnes, 5,000 litres

8’ wide

Tanker 12 tonnes 4 wheeler1

4-wheel tanker (midi)

12 tonnes, 8,000 litres

9’ wide 18’ long

Tanker 16 tonnes 4 wheeler1

4-wheel tanker (midi)

16 tonnes, 10,500 litres

9’ wide 19’long

Tanker 26 tonnes bulk and general1

Standard Tanker

General deliveries. 26 tonnes. 18,000 litres

9’ wide, 26’ long