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Community Energy Club is an oil buying club bringing together the collective buying power of domestic, community and business heating oil users across the South West.

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Collective electricity and gas switching

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Save money with our collective energy switching service

Householders across Cornwall are being encouraged to join forces to cut their energy bills through our new initiative called Community Energy Switch.

We’re working with the national switching organisation energyhelpline to co-ordinate our collective switch and link into the group buying power of several other collectives taking place across the country at the same time.


Register with Community Energy Switch now

Dates of our collective energy switches

To take part in one of our collective energy switches, you need to register your details, which is free and with no obligation.

Autumn switch: Register from 20th September 2016 to 31st October. Switching from 1st to 29th November 2016.

Winter switch: Register from 9th January to 19th February 2017. Switching  from 20th February to 20th March 2017.

While the greatest savings will be possible during our collective switching periods, we can still help you to get a good deal on your energy bills at other times!



You have the power to switch to a better deal

You take take part in our collective switches if you:

  • Pay for your energy bills quarterly or monthly, by direct debit, cash or cheque
  • Use a pre-payment meter which is topped up by a card or key
  • Own your own home or live in accommodation rented from a private or social landlord
  • Have, or have not, switched before
  • Are on a fixed or variable tariff with your current supplier
  • Live inside Cornwall or elsewhere in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland


Five easy steps to get a better deal on your energy

5 steps to switching


1. Register free, with no obligation online at or call Freephone 0800 804 7247.

2. Suppliers take part in a reverse auction from which we secure our exclusive winning tariffs.

3. After the auction, you’ll be notified of the winning deal.  You can see how much you’ll save and how it compares to other tariffs on the market so that you know that you’re getting a great deal.

4. You’ll need to agree to switch before the switching window closes (see dates above).  Once you’ve agreed to switch, the necessary arrangements will be made on your behalf by your new supplier.

5. Switching is a seamless process – you won’t notice any change to your energy supply and can feel good in the knowledge that you’re saving money on your energy bills.


Our track record

We completed our first collective energy switch in March and helped 799 households to switch to a cheaper tariff, saving an average of £254 and reducing annual energy bills by an average of 25%.

All together those who switched saved a total of £202,688.

Here’s some of the feedback that some of our switchers have given us:

 “It was exactly as advertised. Easy to use, clearly shown savings, pain-free communications with old and new supplier. Personally, we save £30 per month with our new supplier. This is incredibly satisfying and useful, as all the other bills seem to be increasing!”
– AF from Crowlas

“Felt a bit stupid that I didn’t do it sooner. Previous online comparison sites never showed much of a saving so I didn’t think it was worth the hassle. However with the collective my direct debit was instantly reduced, and after just 6 weeks my first meter reading has put me £25 in credit…long may it continue, and big thanks to CES for getting a good deal!”
– VC from Truro.

 “When I last switched over 10 years ago it took over 6 months for things to be sorted out, double billing was a particular problem. This time it all went very smoothly with no problems and excellent com’s from both suppliers. I look forward to next year’s deal. The saving was a very important issue for be being disabled and on benefits.”
– R Shemilt from Bude. (Saving £250)

“Saving on my bills means I can spend more money on my kids take them out for a trip to a theme park rather than lining corporate pockets”
– T White from St Austell (Saved £150).


The more the merrier

To boost our buying power we need as many people as possible to register with our collectives before our switching partner hosts the reverse auction with the energy suppliers.  Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about Community Energy Switch so that they can register to cut their energy bills down to size too!

If you are able to promote this initiative you can print out the leaflet or poster by clicking on the below links:

Community Energy Switch Leaflet

Community Energy Switch Poster


Register free with no obligation at or call Freephone 0800 804 7247


The Community Energy Switch is being endorsed and promoted by Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

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